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Migrating to a new Exchange server

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Hi there

We’ve got CloudPanel managing a few users on an old Exchange Server 2013 running on 2008R2. CloudPanel itself (3.2.370.0) is installed on a separate server. 

We’d like to migrate all of the users to a new Exchange 2019 server running on Server 2019. Can you tell me please if you have a guide about how to migrate users to a new Exchange server? I looked in the KB and also in the community but I didn’t spot anything.

Is it just a matter of migrating the users to the new server (using the built-in Exchange mailbox migration) and then pointing CP at the new server?

Many thanks in advance



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All you have to do is setup a new Exchange server in the same AD and point CloudPanel at the new Exchange server in the CloudPanel settings. CloudPanel will be able to manage mailboxes on the new server and the old one during your migration.