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[Solved] Mailbox Size not updating

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Hi there,

I just realized, that since the last update in April, the Mailbox Size is not updating. The overview tells me the last Retrieved/Logon was 3 Month ago. The graph for the Users are updated, as well as the E-Mail-Statistics graph on the dashboard. CloudPanel service up and running.

The log from the CloudPanel service reports no error

[2023-07-11 04:46:15,863] | INFO  | CPService.Tasks.Exchange.Get_MailboxSizesTask | Job Executed: Retrieving mailbox sizes

As you can see, Exchange reports 6GB used of 25GB

But the size history does not update. The mailstatistics graph does update.


Any idea where the problem may be?


Kind regards,


KMI Support 2023-07-11 08:09

@steff Can you please verify that the version of CloudPanel service matches the version of CloudPanel? Look at the version in the Programs & Features

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@Jacob They are the same Version.

KMI Support 2023-07-12 13:28

@steff Please email the .log files in c:\Program Files\Know More IT\CloudPanel Service\Logs to In the log file it may state what the error is.

Stefan Müller Topic starter 2023-07-14 01:47

Thank you Jacob

I just sent you the logs.