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[Solved] Migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016

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We have an Exchange 2010 server without CloudPanel and we’ve already installed CloudPanel on an Exchange 2016 server. Is there any way we can import organizations/users from the Exchange 2010 server to CloudPanel on the Exchange 2016 server more easily or do we have to manually create the users from the old server in CloudPanel and then move the emails, contacts and other data to the new server?

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We have an article on importing existing objects here:  http://kb.knowmoreit.com/configuring-cloudpanel/migrate-objects-to-cloudpanel/

We also provide an option where we can do it for you if you aren’t comfortable doing it.

I’m assuming you installed 2016 in coexistence mode with 2010. If you did that then you can install CloudPanel and point to the 2016 environment. If pointed to 2016 then it can still manage users in 2010 but it will create new objects in 2016. If you need assistance with this we can help.