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[Closed] Mac OS Mojave User with "Apple Mail" can't access to Email Accounts any more / absence notice don't work

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Hi Jacob,

we got an new error…. when we editing the imported User with Cloudpanel and save it the first time, our Apple Mac User can’t access to there Mailboxes. Also, the re-setup on Mac OS fails with the wrong password or user.

When we trying to add a new User over Exchange ECP to an existing Company, it will run with no Problems in MAC OS Mail.
In next step we imported this User into Cloudpanel and click “save” under the User. Now the User can’t access from Mac OS to our Exchange 2016.

OWA and Outlook 2019 under Windows runs great with this User….. only Mac OS won’t connect or configure the Mailbox.

Problem 2:

All Users in Cloudpanel can’t activate absence notice / vacation notice, don’t know the english word for this…. in german it’s called “Abwesenheitsnotiz”.

Error in Outlook “Server is unreachable”

Is this problem already known?


greetings from germany


Jacob Dixon 2019-04-30 05:55

Chances are you are assigning a mailbox plan to the user that doesn’t have EWS enabled. Since Mac OS Mail uses EWS instead of ActiveSync or RPC, it will require this to be checked on the mailbox plan. It is also possible that you need to enable ECP on the mailbox plans as well.

If this turns out to be the case, simply enabling it on the plan will not fix it because it doesn’t propagate those changes back down when you make a change to the mailbox plan. You can edit the user in CloudPanel, use the bulk edit feature to update the mailbox plan (to the same plan just so it will reapply the settings), or you can change the values on the backend.

Activating the out of office will require autodiscover to work properly. Chances are your autodiscover is not working properly which is why you get the “Server is unreachable” error.

KUESDATA Topic starter 2019-04-30 07:08

Hi, i think i forgot the activation of EWS in Mailbox Plan. I can’t editing an exisiting Mailbox plan, in frontend it seems the error:
“Error” unable to bind to type: Cloudpanel.Base.Models.Databases.Plans_ExchangeMailbox

Whats does the ECP mean in Mailbox plan?

Out of office function:
bevor importing the users to cloudpanel the out of office worked without any problems…. 🙁
is this a problem with permissions or something else…?

Jacob Dixon 2019-04-30 07:13

Can you check the format the cost, price and additional GB price is in? If your server CloudPanel is installed on is in English, then the currency should be in US format. If the currency settings on your server are different then you need to make sure to adjust the values to what your system is.

I bet it shows something like 0.00 but it should be 0,00

KUESDATA Topic starter 2019-04-30 08:37

Yes!!! nice it works! we checked the out of office in other companys with test accounts and it works… it should be another problem in the other company! thanks for your really fast help!!!!!!

Jacob Dixon 2019-04-30 09:04

I’m glad it fixed your issue. Just remember changing the mailbox plan won’t go back and update existing users.

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