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[Solved] recover deleted user and mailbox from cloud panel

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Customer asked us to delete a mailbox from our exchange server yesterday. Today they said they made a mistake and want us to recover. Is there an option that initiates a restore from active directory and exchange to recover that user. 



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By default when you remove a mailbox it will go into a disconnected state and still live in the database for usually 14 days. If you have a backup utility like Veeam, you can restore the AD user which should automatically reattach the mailbox. If you do not, then you need to create a new user (no mailbox) and then use Exchange ECP to attach the disconnected mailbox to the user. To import that user back into CloudPanel you would need to use the import method here:

Let us know if this helps or not. Here an example on how to recover a disconnected mailbox:

lthompson Topic starter 2023-01-18 10:48

@jdixon I do see the mailbox in the disconnected section of ecp still. I will give that a try. I had found some info on exchange restore of mailbox but also needed to make sure got back in cloud panel management. Thank you and will keep you updated.

lthompson Topic starter 2023-01-19 11:42

@jdixon I was able to following Microsoft steps recovery the AD user, Reconnect the Exchange Mailbox, and then import the user back to cloud panel with your instructions and everything works. Thanks for the help.