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[Solved] Mail Forwardings not shown in User

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We have one customer where we set mail forwardings for multiple users. The forwarding works and it is also shown in ECP and via Exchange Management Shell. But in CloudPanel, it is not visible. The only indicator we have is the ticked checkbox for deliver and forward. Otherwise we could not see in CloudPanel whether a forwarding is configured or not. This only happens at this specific customer, all others work fine. Do you have any clue what the problem is? Could you also give us a hint in which DB-Table the information about the forwardings is stored? Maybe there is a inconistency.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind regards
Oliver Vater 
Krämer IT Solutions GmbH

2 Answers

The only attribute CloudPanel uses is the ForwardedAddress attribute but Exchange has two that could be used. If you used ForwardingSmtpAddress on the backend then that is why it isnt showing up. Can you tell me what attribute you did use?

RZ-KITS Topic starter 2023-01-25 00:54

@jdixon The Forwarding was set in CloudPanel and on the Exchange, if you check via Management Shell, it uses the attribute ForwardingAddress, not ForwardingSmtpAddress.

Jacob Dixon 2023-01-25 08:44

That that has to mean then is CLoudPanel cannot find the object it is forwarding to in the CloudPanel database. As a test can you create a fake mail contact in CloudPanel and forward a user to that and see if that one works? I may need to connect and take a look at what is being returned. You can email if you want to schedule time for me to connect.

RZ-KITS Topic starter 2023-01-25 09:00

@jdixon I’ve tested the following scenario (added two new users for testing purposes): 
Existing User -> Forwarding to Existing User -> Forwarding isn’t shown
New User -> Forwarding to Existing User -> Forwarding isn’t shown
Existing User -> Forwarding to New User -> Forwarding is shown
New User -> Forwarding to New User -> Forwarding is shown

So it has something to do with the existing users.

Jacob Dixon 2023-01-25 09:03

Do you think I can connect now and take a look at the SQL database? If so, email and I will forward you a link.


You can download a new update here:

Please be sure to backup your SQL database and the folder CloudPanel is installed in

RZ-KITS Topic starter 2023-02-03 02:31

@jdixon The update helped, thank you very much!