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[Solved] Migrating coudpanel to new Server with local Database

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Hi Jacob

Im in the process to migrate our cloudpanel installation from Windows Server 2012 r2 to Windows Server 2022.
We’re currently using a locally installed SQL-Express instance for cloudpanel.

For the new server we will also install a local SQL-Express 2017 instance for cloud panel to use.

So, according to this post: Migrating Cloud Panel to new server – Support – Know More IT Forum 

I would do the following:

1. Install IIS and SQL-Express instance on the new server
2. Install the same version of cloudpanel, as on the old server, point it to the new sql instance and let it create a new database
3. Since we have a new SQL Server, I would drop the new database on the new server and then backup the databse on the old server, transfer it to the new server end restore it there

Would this be  the correct procedure, or would you recommend a different approach? 


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No, what you should do today is:

  1. Install IIS on the new server and SQL on the server you want to move the database to
  2. Backup and restore the current CloudPanel database to the new server
  3. Install CloudPanel on the new server (make sure it is the same version) but choose the “Skip database configuration” checkbox as seen here:
  4. Copy the branding folder and documentation folder from the old server as mentioned in that article
  5. Edit the settings.xml file in the Config directory and change the SQL connection string to point to the new database

Also if you want, we can assist. Just let us know a good day and time that would work for you. We are in central standard timezone.

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In the end, the CloudPanel Migration as described in Jacobs first answer to this question, has worked.

The Problems we had after shutting down the old domain controller were solved, by removing the Global Catalog (GC) role from the old domain controller.

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Hi Jacob

Thanks for the feedback and the information.

Since the new database instance is on the same server as cloudpanel, the databse connection in the settings.xml, was allready pointing to the correct database.

Everything seems to be working.

However, I noticed, that the new settings.xml only contains the database connection, while the old one contains a lot more, is this expected?

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I have one problem, last week, before I migrated cloudpanel to its new server, I installed a new domain controller, moved all FSMO Roles to the this new DC, and changed the configuration in cloudpanel configuration to use the new DC.

After that, everything seemed to work as expected, and so, today I migrated cloud panel to its new server.

Now, when I log on to the new CP server and go to any customers users and click on any of these users, I received an error, that the old DC isn’t operational (see the attached screenshot), which is true, as the old DC is currently shut down.

Note i blurred the FQDNof the DC on the Screenshot, but it’s defentively the old DC it’s refering to.

Jacob Dixon 2022-10-10 10:00

@workbooster You need to log into the server that CloudPanel is installed on and go to https://localhost/cloudpanel/admin/setup and change the primary domain controller setting. Really this should be done before decommissioning the old one but its an easy fix if not.

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That’s exactly, what I did last week, and the new DC is correctly configured there, any other suggestions?

Jacob Dixon 2022-10-10 10:55

@workbooster Can you check the event viewer on the cloudpanel server and the DC for any errors? We have seen this before when the domain controller was rejecting the remote powershell Active Directory commands. Since you migrated all the roles to the new DC, make sure you restart the cloudpanel server.

Other than that, I would have to connect and take a look myself but honestly it sounds like the DC is rejecting the commands for whatever reason if you have the new server in the CloudPanel settings.

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When I start the old DC, everything starts working again, 

There’s not mutch in the event logs, what I don’t get is, why is the old DC mentioned in the error message?
I would expect, that the error would mention the new DC, which is configured in cloudpanel.

I tried to set cloudpanel back to the old DC, rebooting the cloudpanel Server and then set it back to the new DC, but that didn’t help either.

Jacob Dixon 2022-10-10 13:05

@workbooster Honestly, I would have to connect and look. I really think it is something on your domain controllers because that is what is responding that the server is not operational. Are you sure the new DC worked properly and it has the sysvol / netlogon folders and such?

If you can, email and we can hop on a remote session

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Email sent 🙂