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[Solved] Mail error notifications since last update : DISABLED USERS & LOCKED USERS

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Hello folks,


since last update I get 2 mails every 10 minutes from Cloud Panel. This is it’s contents for both :


Error processing disabled users: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Invalid column name ‘AccountExpires’


Did I do something wrong during the update ? I updated CloudPanel first and then CloudPanel_Scheduler as always.


Thank you and best regards,


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thank you very much for your fast response.

We did a repair of the product and now in the logs I can see :


[INFO] CloudPanel.Bootstrapper – No pending database migrations are required


And we no longer receive those mails with error notifications.


Thanks again and best regards,




KMI Support 2023-04-21 08:05

@lifecloud Awesome! Not entirely sure why it didn’t update the first time, did you happen to reboot after the upgrade? You shouldn’t have to but I wonder if the files were locked


It sounds like CloudPanel did not update the database properly. Can you stop and start the CloudPanel application pool, login ans then send the log files for CloudPanel from the Logs directory?