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Forgot Password Feature – Backup Email Being Removed from User Profile After Sending Link

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Is this by design that the backup email address is removed after Forgot Password feature is used either from Admin side (both inside the user and in the list of users actions) and website option below login screen.

We entered backup email address then used link and then backup email address is removed from user profile so it must be reentered to use again.

Just trying to understand if this is by design or is a bug.  Using the latest build.

Jacob Dixon 2023-11-28 07:56

@oliveitky No, that should not be happening. We will try to reproduce this today and see what is going on.

Jacob Dixon 2023-11-28 21:21

@oliveitky I checked the code and not clearly seeing where it would be removing the backup email. I even configured a backup email on a new user, went through the forgot password process to receive the email, used the link in the email to reset my password and then proceeded to get logged in. Each step I checked the database and the backup email remained on the profile.

There are three locations you can set that backup email:

  • It can be setup during the login process by the user if it is missing
  • It can be configured under the Profile section by the user when they are logged in
  • An administrator can configure it by going to the user under the company -> users and setting the value in the field.

Is this reproducible each time on your end and with multiple users?

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Yes sir, now before you go wasting any time due to my dumbness, is there a setting somewhere at the global or company level that must be turned on for this feature to work?  Maybe I missed enabling this and it is removing it due to that and not a bug.  Thank you for the assistance as always sir!

Jacob Dixon 2023-11-30 21:58

@oliveitky The only place to turn it off is in the CloudPanel settings where the Forgot Password section is. The backup email shouldn’t be wiped out either. Can you confirm that your CloudPanel version matches your CloudPanel service version? Just to make sure you are not running two different versions between the service and the web app?

OliveITKY Topic starter 2023-12-01 07:39

Only things I see is in /admin/setup section for the Forgot Password “Enable” checkbox and Email template. Is there some other place?

Running latest of both CP and CP Scheduler.  Just upgraded to latest both.

OliveITKY Topic starter 2023-12-06 16:03

 Interesting update in that a brand new user this is not an issue.  Wonder if a DB update in schema needs to be done manually, maybe?