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[Solved] Creating a contact

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Good afternoon, I’m creating a contact through the ecp panel, there from is displayed correctly. Well, in owa and outlook, the address changes.

In the panel, the address is displayed as , and in owa\outlook in this form x4t{at} .{SER} Is it possible to fix it somehow ?
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This is by design, but the latest 3.2.1001.2 update on our downloads page will create it with the primarysmtpaddress as the same as the external email address unless it is taken. If it is taken, then it will use format mailnickname_companycode@domain.tld instead.

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Can you tell me which link you can use to download the update and the instructions for updating the panel

KMI Support 2023-10-25 08:07

@ivan-kojevnikov Sorry about that, for that version, please go here:

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Please tell me, when I update the CloudPanel Service, it asks for the password of the account that runs the service Scheduler.exe . I don’t remember it and dumped it in active directory. The Scheduler updates have passed, the service has started, well, the panel in the browser is unavailable, 502 Bad Gateway, maybe you need to specify a password somewhere else besides starting the service?

kmi-support kmi-support 2023-10-25 10:55

@ivan-kojevnikov the 502 gateway error sounds like you cant connect to CloudPanel website right? CloudPanel uses IIS and it sounds like you either have host headers in IIS or something is configured different from the default website.

If you reset the password because you couldnt remember it, most likely that account password was tied to CloudPanel and you need to update the IIS application pool password AND the CloudPanel settings password on the settings page.

Solution #2 shows it here for IIS:



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Updated both CloudPanel and CloudPanel Scheduler Service, changed the password on the service and in iis, perhaps the username or password is incorrect when entering into the system. or skipping tokens


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it was updated from 3.2.0350 to 3.2.1002, after which it writes an incorrect login when logging in.

kmi-support kmi-support 2023-10-25 12:54

@ivan-kojevnikov You still need to update the username/password in the CloudPanel admin setup page by going to https://localhost/cloudpanel/admin/setup FROM the server that CloudPanel is installed on. Like you did when it was initially installed:

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Thanks, everything works. The last question is, how can I properly unload contacts from ecp so that they can be loaded through the panel. The standard csv file from ecp is not accepted. 




kmi-support kmi-support 2023-10-25 13:26

@ivan-kojevnikov I am not where I can check, but can you see if this page has a Contacts section?


That is where you can import data from AD into the CloudPanel database


Ivan Kojevnikov Topic starter 2023-10-26 02:21

and according to which script you need to import contacts from AD, I do it with the “Get-ADObject -Filter ‘objectClass -eq “contact”‘ -Properties * -SearchBase ‘OU=con,OU=EXGtst,OU=Users,DC=test,DC=ru’|Export-csv “C:\contact\ADContacts.csv” -NoTypeInformation” script and then try to import to CloudPanel, but I get an error

kmi-support kmi-support 2023-10-26 07:30

@ivan-kojevnikov can you email the CSV to

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I was updating CloudPanel on a test environment, where I have only one virtual machine and one CloudPanel. I want to update in a productive environment, I have two virtual machines there and each has a CloudPanel that looks at one database. Should I update one by one in the same order as the test environment?

KMI Support 2023-10-25 20:33

@ivan-kojevnikov If they both point at the same database, upgrade one, then upgrade the other right after. In the future if you do a new install and point it to an existing database, there is an option during the install to select not to perform any database actions.