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[Solved] Can't delete a single domain for a company

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I’m tried deleting a single domain for a company, but I got the error:

“This domain must be disabled in Exchange before it can be deleted”

When I choose Microsoft Exchange – Disable, it asks me to retype the code with this warning:

“Disabling Exchange will delete all email data associated with your company. This action is NOT reversable.”

How can I disable and delete a single domain for a company and not delete everything else?


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Thank you very much, I will add an XY domain and then remove the one I need to move.


When it says the domain must be disabled in Exchange it means change the domain type from Authoritative to Default.

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Hi, thank you very much, I tried but when it is default it doesn’t allow you to delete it, and it doesn’t allow even to deselect the Default checkbox, because it is the only domain. Do I have to delete the company do remove it? I didn’t want to delete it completly, because I will have to re-add it in the future, but I have to configure this domain for another company.



Jacob Dixon 2018-08-31 09:49

There must be one default domain for a company. So if this is the only domain then you need to create the new domain and set it as the default. There cannot be a company with zero domains. 

So simply create a new domain, select Default checkbox and then you can delete the old domain.