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Basic Authentication on Default Web Site/Powershell not a supporttetd configuration?

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I’ve installed the latest CU14 on our Exchange Server 2019 running on Windows Server 2022.

Now, when I run the latest version of the Exchange HealthChecker Scritp from Microsoft, it is repoting an error concerning the enabled Basic Authentication on “Default Web Site/PowerShell”, that this configuration isn’t supported:

“Default Web Site/PowerShell has authentication set, which is unsupported.”

I’m not sure, if this has to do with extended protection, which CU14 is enabling automatically upon installation.
Allthough we allready had extende protection enabled moths ago and never had this error showing up before in the Healthchecker script.

Doe’s anyone have any infomration as to why this erro is all of a sudden showing up and if it might weaken the extende protection, if have to keep Basic Auth enabled for CloudPanel to function?

Jacob Dixon 2024-03-08 20:45

@workbooster Microsoft is trying to get rid of basic authentication all together essentially. You can change CloudPanel to use Kerberos in the admin settings if you rather use that.

WBCH Topic starter 2024-03-09 03:58

@Jacob I don’t think that’s gonne solve the problem, as the health checker script shows the same warning when I disable basic auth and then enable Windows auth for “Default Web Sie\PowerShell”, also, I cannot simply switch to kerberos in CloudPanel, as supporting kerberos auth for Exchange would require a lot of configuration and could cause new problems for some (older) clients.

Jacob Dixon 2024-03-10 21:01

@workbooster The PowerShell basic authentication is for CloudPanel to communicate, it isn’t required for clients to communicate. Since the CloudPanel application pool is running under a user context, it will try to kerberos authenticate to the powershell virtual directory instead of using basic authentication.

What version of CloudPanel are you on?

WBCH Topic starter 2024-03-11 09:32

@jacob We are currently on 3.2.1002.0, CloudPanel is unable to connect to the exchange when i disable basic auth and the enable windows auth, 

Jacob Dixon 2024-03-11 09:56

@workbooster You also switched CloudPanel to use Kerberos in the drop down on the CloudPanel admin settings?

WBCH Topic starter 2024-03-11 10:36

@jacob Yes i have.