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Issue with Deleting Mobile Devices via CloudPanel

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Dear KnowMoreIT-Team,


we are currently encountering an issue with deleting mobile devices via CloudPanel. Upon attempting to delete a device from the account, after confirming the message “Are you sure you want to delete this device from this account?” we receive a warning “Sequence contains no elements.”

But they do exist in exchange Online so we are forced to delete the mobile devices via Exchange Online as a workaround.

CloudPanel Version: VERSION: 3.2.1007.0 

Is there already something known related this?


Kind regards,

Neo Rieck

E&W Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

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I am not seeing any changes to this recently yet, but that error suggests it can’t find that user in the SQL database. I tested this in the current build that isn’t released yet and it is working in our lab, but I’ll keep digging to see if anything was changed.

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Dear Jacob,

Thank you for looking into this. The error has persisted across several versions. Next time it occurs, I’ll provide additional information in the form of screenshots and logs.
is it possible that a setting in our Exchange needs to be configured to enable the deletion of mobile devices? Is there any information available regarding such a setting?

Kind regards,
Neo Rieck

KMI Support 2024-03-01 08:21

@neorieck I’m not aware of a setting. If you could, put CloudPanel into debug mode by following this:

Once that is finished, try to reproduce the issue by deleting a mobile device from CloudPanel and send the logs to 


We too have this problem.

VERSION: 3.2.1007.1

I just used EMS PowerShell to remove the devices:

Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox <username> |fl identity,*sync*

Remove-MobileDevice -Identity "<addomain>/Hosting/xxx/xxx/<user>/ExchangeActiveSyncDevices/<device>§<ID>" -Confirm:$false



KMI Support 2024-05-12 20:01

@sonoracomm Thank you for reporting this. We have found the issue and will be releasing an update with it soon.