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[Solved] ADSync technical description of the interface / functionality

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A customer need a technical description of the interface / functionality for a security cetification. 
Could you provide anything like that for us?

In the knowledge base is not much to find about that.

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We do not have any certifications or signing on the dll that ADSync uses yet. 

I can work with you on a technical description if you want to email The best description would be a password filter (more about password filters here: Our ADSync product registers a custom password filter to capture passwords being changed on a domain controller and then replicates that password using AES256 encryption over a secure channel (your CloudPanel using https) to your CloudPanel instance. The service also captures user details like DisplayName, Firstname, Lastname, etc and syncs them to CloudPanel in order to keep data in sync between your CloudPanel instance and the customer’s environment. Changes in CloudPanel can also be pulled down by the service to update Active Directory based on your sync preferences you set for the customer in CloudPanel.

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Thank you. That was sufficent for our client.