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[Solved] ADSync import users issue

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CloudPanel fresh installation.

New company created, users empty.


After ADSync install there is an exception in log:
ERROR | SendADUsers | The following AD users have NOT been synced with CloudPanel…user1@domain.loc… Error: Unable to find user user1@domain.loc in the database

User have MAIL attribute in AD.


Should I prior manually import all users from AD to CloudPanel with csv?

Or ADSync would create all users in CloudPanel automatically?


1 Answer

ADSync does not currently create the users for you. We will be adding that limitation as soon as we add the ability to limit the scope of what you want to sync. Right now it sends over data for the users that have the mail attribute populated and matches a user in CloudPanel.

Once we finish this M365 integration, we plan on adding the ability to limit the scope of ADSync, but also allow ADSync to create users in CloudPanel automatically.