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Issue with mailboxes created via csv import

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All users created via a csv import are experiencing an issue when connecting using the Outlook desktop client. When using this client users are continually prompted to login via a Microsoft account. This issue is occurring on multiple PC’s using multiple versions of Outlook. We tested creating new users in the same company using both the csv import method and the single user creation method via the web GUI and only the csv imported user experienced the issue.

Here is an example csv file in the same format as what we used:

We are using cloudpanel v: 3.2.354.0

We cannot currently udpate without updating the OS on the host server.

Thanks in advance for any help 🙂

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I am not seeing where the CSV import would have caused an issue with this, but if you manually create a new user in that same company, does it have the same problem? What you are describing is more of an autodiscover problem. It sounds like the company (domain name) they are using is setup in Office 365 which is why you are getting the prompt for a Microsoft account. The autodiscover process checks Exchange Online first and last.

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Hello Jacob,

Yes, we manually created a new user in that same company and that user is not experiencing the issue.

I agree it does sound like autodiscover, but testing does not seem to indicate this. I can also verify that there are no DNS records for the domain pointed towards Microsoft.


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We have been able to narrow the issue further, it looks like the issue is with the autodiscover.xml generated by the exchange server. The xml for the csv imported account and the manually created account are pointing to different server:


Issue account (csv):

Working account (manual):


The first url is not valid and the subdomain is the name of one of our exchange servers. The second working one is the name of the our mail subdomain and is the proper url.

Any idea how to resolve this?

CTI_IT Topic starter 2023-06-27 13:49

we resolved this, but apparently was not the issue.