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[Solved] Include permissions for shared/ressource mailboxes in company reports

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we would like to have an export of the permissions for the shared/ressource mailboxes to be included in the company reports. It that possible or is there another way to export those?

KMI Support 2023-10-04 06:42

@rechenzentrumkraemer-it-de are you talking about the executive report or the permissions report? We will check the permissions report because that shouldn’t be difficult to add if its missing from there. We are about to release a new version that also has the ability to schedule reports

KMI Support 2023-10-04 23:50

@rechenzentrumkraemer-it-de the existing permissions report did not include all of these but we have updated the report. We will be releasing it by this weekend.

KMI Support 2023-10-08 19:48

@rechenzentrumkraemer-it-de new update released includes this. Please let us know if you have any changes you would like