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[Solved] after restore account and mailbox don't appear in web console

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By accident mailbox and it’s account were deleted.
I restored account ( 12 hours ago) by using ldp, and reconnect mailbox to it.
It is possible to send and recieve email messages now. But account doesn’t appear at web console of the company . Should I do anything ?

IN Topic starter 2024-01-29 08:48

I already tried to do this, I imported a csv file, but I got an error – such an account already exists


 vershion CloudPanel  VERSION: 3.2.1002.0

I attache 

csv file 

Jacob Dixon 2024-01-29 09:02

@in the link I sent is not to import a CSV, but to navigate to a custom page in the app to find objects in AD that aren’t in CloudPanel and import them back into CloudPanel.

IN Topic starter 2024-01-29 09:12

Do you speak about this button ?


Jacob Dixon 2024-01-29 09:38

@in no, please go to section. 

It wants you to manually browse to a page /CloudPanel/company/[CompanyCode]/import/users

1 Answer

The account will not automatically appear and you will need to import it back in using this: go to the import users section