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Exchange Admin Center settings not displaying

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We’ve configured CloudPanel and now we’re doing some final tests and I can’t figure out how to display all organization options in the Exchange Admin Center, even though ECP is activated and I gave the users Admin permissions in CloudPanel and I can’t find any other permissions to give them. When I login on the exchange.[]/ecp page, all I see are the OWA logged in user options. There are absolutely no domain admin settings that I can do from there. I can’t see the users, can’t add organization rules etc. What am I missing?

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Company administrators don’t manage their company through ECP like Office 365 does. Office 365 is a different animal. If you are running on-prem Exchange with CloudPanel you assign company administrators permissions to CloudPanel, not Exchange. Giving the mailbox ECP options gives them the ability to get to sections of ECP for their own mailbox as you have noticed.

There is a short article here on granting company administrators rights to CloudPanel:

Let me know if you need further assistance and we will be happy to help!