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[Solved] 2FA visibillity for reseller admins/costumer admins

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Would it be possible to introduce a feature that allows Reseller Admins to enable and monitor 2FA for their respective customers or employees?

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I thought this was already possible. I will double check today and see, but I do not see why it wouldn’t be impossible to add if it doesn’t already exist. 

RZ-KITS Topic starter 2024-06-18 06:40

Hi, have you found something? Or will it be added?

KMI Support 2024-06-18 08:17


If you create a custom permission role in CloudPanel for the reseller, give it “Edit Permissions” rights and they can grant/remove company admin privileges as well as reset two-factor. They will be able to choose permissions from the drop down list that you have configured, except for reseller admin permissions and permissions that are limited/scoped to specific companies.

So, you can create a few generic permission groups and make sure “Limit Visibility” is empty and they are not reseller permissions, then the reseller can grant those to users. However, right now, company admins can’t reset two factor for other users except for themselves. We can look at ways to modify this though.


RZ-KITS Topic starter 2024-06-19 08:45

Thank you for the info. We tested and for now that is enough. If modifications are needed, we will inform you.