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CloudPanel v3.1.0040

A new update is planned for this weekend that includes many bug fixes! Check out a preview of the bug fixes listed below:


New Features

  • Added the ability to choose groups when setting options for distribution groups like Restricted senders
  • Added option for setting Activesync policy when editing a user
  • User imports now have archive mailbox option
  • Ability to look at the audit trail
  • 1 month option for the system history
  • Reseller accounts now work
  • View reports in CSV format as well as PDF


Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a company didn’t delete the users from the datbase
  • Audit trial is leaving off the last character when saving to the database
  • Issue with spaces in company code values when using company names instead of the random generated company code *BREAKING CHANGE*
  • Unable to change the default domauin
  • Editing user was missing ActiveSync policy for mailbox (couldn’t change)
  • Couldn’t use X500 email aliases
  • Forwarding drop down list was showing empty when forwarding wasn’t enabled. Make it show “Forwarding Disabled”
  • Typo on the reports page
  • Unable to delete distribution groups when deleting a company because it didn’t have the Bypass option set
  • Migration updates didn’t take case sensitivity into account and caused problems when users manually entered values into the database


In Progress (hopefully finished before weekend)

  • Import users (CSV) progress bar doens’t show completed. Just sits at the end
  • Default domain is not selected for some areas in CloudPanel
  • Enable mailbox when creating user
  • Bulk change mailbox plan and size for a company
  • Email aliases for distribution groups

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