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We are currently working on integrating Citrix XenDesktop 7.x into CloudPanel for the release of CloudPanel 3.1. This will give you the ability to pull information directly from the Citrix Delivery Controllers!

CloudPanel currently has a basic Citrix implementation where it creates security groups and gives you the ability to add users to the security groups. Doing this will grant the users rights to the Citrix desktops and/or applications. The new feature will work the same way but we are expanding it to go further by directly accessing the catalogs, desktop groups, applications, and more from the Citrix Delivery Controllers.

Here are some of the features with the first release of 3.1:

  • Get desktop usage recorded by the Citrix Delivery Controllers
  • Get IP Address, DNS, and more information about the desktops assigned to the desktop groups
  • Get current sessions
  • Disconnect sessions from CloudPanel

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