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There is a new update to the CloudPanel Transport agent (route by sender) that fixes a problem with Out of Office messages. To download simply log into your account and download the newer version (v1.0.1 for 2010 and v1.0.5 for 2013).

To update you need to:

  • Disable the current transport agent by using Exchange shell and running Disable-TransportAgent “CloudPanel Agent”
  • Restart the Exchange transport service
  • You may need to reset IIS or try to recycle the Powershell Application Pool on the Exchange server
  • Replace the TransportAgent.dll in the Public directory of Exchange with the new dll included in the download
  • Re-Enable the transport agent and restart the Exchange transport service

If you have any problems please let me know. Resetting IIS causing disconnects for clients so be sure to do it after hours.

If you are interested in purchasing the CloudPanel transport agent then you can click on the Products link at the top of the page. This transport agent allows you to route certain domains out certain send connectors and also helps when you are migrating users to your Cloud server since it will make sure all internal to internal messages to different domains go out the send connector and back in (internal of never leaving Exchange)!

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