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This new release contains improvements, bug fixes and exciting new features that many of you have requested and been waiting on.

New Features

Out of Office You can now manage a user’s internal and external out of office from CloudPanel
Password Passwords in the documentation section and user password resets have the ability to be checked against using their public API. The first few characters of the password are transmitted across the internet and then compared against a large list that is returned; thus, negating the need of transmitting the entire password across the internet.
Password Notifications Password expiration notifications now have the ability for you to customize the message sent to the users. This gives you the ability to use the customer’s logo and information in the email sent to the users so they will more likely believe it is a legit email.
Service The CloudPanel Service (CloudPanel Scheduler) is a required component of CloudPanel. It will now warn you if it hasn’t checked in within a couple of days.
Translation Translation for the German language have been updated


Fixes Issues

Area Description Issue Fixed In Version
Archive The archive section under the edit users view wouldn’t show the mailbox databases 412
Domains Deleting a company would delete the domains for the company even if duplicate domains feature was enabled; thus removing the domain from other customers in CloudPanel 404
Reports Generating reports would produce errors if a mailbox plan was deleted that a resource mailbox was using. To prevent this in the future, a plan will be checked against resource mailboxes as well as user objects 411
Security Group The security group member count would not be displayed correctly if members were added or removed from the group using the user edit section 408

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