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CloudPanel 3.1.150 will be out for BETA testing soon. The demo environment will be running the latest and greatest version of CloudPanel which gives you the ability to view and test additional features before rolling it out to your own environment!

To give you an idea of some bug fixes and changes coming:

  • CSV import added for Exchange objects and now automatically detects your delimiter so it doesn’t have to be a commas separated CSV file
  • OWAForDevicesEnabled has been added to the mailbox plans to support Exchange 2013 and later
  • Resource mailboxes now have the slider available if your mailbox plans have a different minimum and maximum size limit
  • You now have predefined roles you can select to quickly create permissions under the company. In later versions we will allow you to create your or predefined roles!
  • REPORTS! Reports have been completely rebuilt and provide a LOT more information for everything in CloudPanel!
  • Must faster startup time in the event your application pool recycles
  • Session information has been moved to the database which will allow you to run multiple CloudPanel servers in a webfarm or behind a load balancer!

To give you an idea on the roadmap after this release:

  • Localization will be added and ready for translations to multiple languages. If you have a specific language you would like included please be sure to submit this request to our features request page!
  • Ability to adjust calendar permissions
  • Completely redesigned GUI that has more customization available to you
  • Alert notifications for being alerted on errors, changes to companies, resellers, and more!
  • Dashboard will have widgets so you can choose the widgets you want to display each time you login

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