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Custom Microsoft Exchange transport agent that handles routing sent messages through specific send connectors, blocking internal to internal out of office messages, and sending the rest of internal to internal messages out a send connector to make sure emails are always routed outside of Microsoft Exchange when between two different domains on the Exchange environment.

A smart host on your send connector is required.



CloudPanel Route by Sender is a custom transport agent that handles three important things in a multi-tenant environment.

  • It makes sure that any communication between different domains on your environment are sent out the send connector and back in. By default Exchange never sends internal to internal email out the send connector.
  • When a customer emails another customer on your hosted Exchange they could have information leakage because of Out of Office. Setting Out of Office messages allows you to specify and internal message and an external message. It is not uncommon that users put personal information in the Internal message because it is only meant for people in their company. Exchange will reply with the internal out of office message when the sender is on the same Exchange environment (regardless of Address Book Policy settings). This transport agent makes sure the Out of Office message is deleted before it reaches the other tenant when the Out of Office message is triggered.
  • Often Exchange hosters will find theirselves in the situation where they need to provide not only email but also provide email archiving and encryption. These third party vendors usually allow branding but they need you to send to a different smart host using a different port or DNS name. This transport agent allows you to send specific domains out specific send connectors giving you complete control of the mail routing.

Note: You must use a smart host on your send connectors and they must support decoding winmail.dat files or any of these types of transport agents that override the routing domain won’t work.


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